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Some information about olive oil pressing (and avocado flesh too)

From time to time I get asked if our seed presses will squeeze oil from olives. A standard screw expeller will not extract oil from freshly harvested olives. This is because the oil in an olive is in the flesh of the fruit and olives as harvested are generally 60% to 70% water, putting them into a screw press simply creates a paste. The oil in a seed or nut is in the hard bit (the seed or nut ...) and this is much drier when harvested and then often dried again straight after harvest, typically to a moisture content of between 7% and 10%. It is possible to use a screw press to expell oil from dehydrated, very dry olive flesh, however reducing the moisture content from 70% down to 10% requires a significant amount of energy and so usually a different process is used. 

We have a small scale presses that grinds, malaxes and then presses fresh olives or avocado.
Here is a picture and a brochure HERE, if this is of interest please email for more information.