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Bottle fillers, cappers, labellers, pumps…

As well as the press and filter we also supply machines for filling bottles, capping, labeling etc. We supply equipment suitable for producing a few hundred bottles now and again to thousands per day. On this page you will find a few examples of how to fill, cap and label.  More automated machines are generally made to order, I've included a couple of examples of the automatic machines. Let us know what you want to do and we should be able to offer a solution or point you to a supplier.


Here is a link to a video of a conveyor capper capable of applying caps to 2,000 bottles per hour we supplied to a rapeseed oil company in Ireland.
Autocapper click here

Here is an example of a new type of entry level automatic fill, cap and label line ideal for the producer wanting to move up from semi auto to automatic, the guide price for something like this doing 500 bottles per hour would be around $45,000 depending on the options required.


There are two basic types of filler: vacuum or volumetric.  
With the vacuum type of filler bottles are placed under a nozzle and an internal vacuum pump sucks air out of the bottle drawing in oil from a tank or drum filling the bottle to a preset level. The vacuum filler won't work with plastic bottles unless they are stiff material such as PET (since the bottle must be rigid enough to withstand the vacuum). Vacuum fillers are great for glass bottles - this is because vacuum fillers fill to the same level each time. Since the internal volume of glass bottles varies (due to the manufacturing process) filling to the same level each time, rather than dispensing the exact same volume each time gives a more consistent look to your product.  
The volumetric filler is usually a simple piston or gear pump. Oil is sucked from the tank or drum and pumped into the container. The machine can be adjusted to dispense a set volume of liquid. The volumetric filler can fill rigid glass containers as well as soft plastic or metal.



Excellent little start up bottle filler or extra filler for flavoured oils etc.
Fills to same level every time
Draws oil from tank or drum using internal vacuum pump
You can buy these on the internet or ebay for about $350 search for 'enolmatic'



Much faster and more robust commercial machine than the single head filler, while some bottles are filling others are full ready to swap for an empty. Available in 2 head or 4 head versions. Guide price $3,00 plus shipping depending on version. 4 or 2 head available 


This is a pneumatic filler, great for gallon or quart containers.



Bottles can be closed with corks or screw caps. Screw caps can have an integral oil pourer and are available in plastic or aluminum. For low volumes hand application is possible, as volumes increase various semi-auto and automatic machines are available. 


There are many labeling machines available for small volume home producers to large volume commercial machines. 

Left is an example of a manual labeler for round bottles, place the bottle and turn the handle. There are a few models available like this now, some better than others! 

Here is an example of a semi-auto labeller.

Place round bottle on rollers - bottle rotates automatically and self adhesive label is applied. Up to 800 labels applied/hr.
Options are available for tall labels, front and back application in one go, square bottles and date stamp.


PUMPS: Click HERE to get more info on great pumps for oil

Food grade mono pumps in various sizes 4 gallons/min, up to 25 gallons/min. On a trolley or just the pump. Triclamp fittings, variable speed, variable pressure options. These pumps are great for oil since they don't cause foaming and unlike flex impeller pumps they have a long service life with vegetable oils.